We are the manufactures of following products:

1) . Asbestos Cement Pressure Pipe
This is our prime product, these pipe are manufactured using cement and imported asbestos (fibre). Asbestos is used to increase the strength and flexibility of these pipes we make pipe of 80MM,100MM, 125MM, 150MM, 200MM, 250MM, 300MM. The normal lengths of these pipes are 4 m and they are manufactured in class 5,10 and 15 and we are also capable to produce till class 20 and 25.

The class indicates the hydraulic pressure at which the pipes are tested, which means that class 15 pipe signifies that it has been tested at a hydraulic press use of 15 kg/cm2 and the working pressure of 15kg/cm2 and the working pressure putted on pipe is normally 50 % of the test pressure. 



            A.C. pressure pipes are made mixing asbestos and cement Asbestos is a thread like mineral fibre, it has many which makes it commercially valuable such as it does not burn or easily conduct heat or electricity it is also flexible and strong and is not effected by most of the chemicals due to these reasons A.C. pipes are very strong, corrosion free, maintenance free and also the cost of A.C. pressure pipe are much cheaper than PVC pipes, G.I. pipes & cast  Iron pipes. 

APPLICATIONS :            

A.C.Pressure  are widely acceptable for water supply ,irrigation , and drinking Purpose now a days these pipes are also used as covers for the under ground Wires. 

2) . Couplings :
Couplings are basically used as joints between 2 pipes these couplings are provided with 3 rubber rings so that the pipes can get easily fix in this couplings and these are complete as per IS 5382.


1)Hydarulic Brusting Test.

Traverse Crushing Test.

Hydraulic ressureTightness
Test .

Longitudinal Bending Stress Test.

Pipe straightness test.

1 Hydraulic pressure Tightness Test.  

This test include giving hydraulic pressure to pipes to test its leakage or sweating by giving the water tight pressure from both ends of the   pipes to certain prescribed Figure. 

2.  Traverse Crushing Test.      
Our all pipes undergoes this test to know   the load the pipes are capable to have the unit crushing test shall not be less than 450 kg/cm2 or 44N/mm2.

 3.  Transverse Bursting Test. 
This is another test taken as to satisfy that pipe are capable of taking stress ,bursting stress  test of 20N/mm2 are taken for the pipes  till 300 MM.

 4.  Longitudinal Bending Stress Test
Our HIMAS and HIMALAYA   branded pipes are subjected to Longitudinal Bending test  to check the straightness of pipes. Which should be not less than 250kg/cm2 or 24.5N/mm2 

5.    Pipe Straightness Test
  This test is undertaken as to find the straightness of the pipes.