We are a Cement Asbestos Pressure Pipe Company in Jaipur,Rajasthan,having 40 years old experience asbestos products starting in 1964, today we have established our self as one of the successful and leading producers of A.C.Pressure Pipe in private sector.
Having 3 manufacturing units naming :
1. Rajasthan Asbestos Cement Company.
2. Himalaya Asbestos Cement Product Pvt, Ltd.
3. Himalaya Fittings Pvt. Ltd.

Having annual production of 10,000 to 20,000 mt. having equipped with latest Pipe manufacturing and quality control machines today we have most satisfied and capable labour force that are fully competent to take any challenges Our products include:

I. Asbestos Cement pressure Pipe.
II. Couplings.

Our Himas and Himalaya branded products are very much of best quality with complete accuracy of size, weight and length . The quality of our pipes have enabled us to have reorganization by Bureau of Indian Standards under IS 1592 and our pipes are ISI marked, which itself signifies that these pipes have been undergone with following tests:
a) Hydraulic Bursting Test
b) Transverse Crushing Test.
c) Hydraulic Pressure Thickness Test.
d) Longitudinal Bending Test.
e) Pipe straightness test .

These tests are taken by various ISI officers at our factory before they reach to our clients, we also allow inspection by our clients or any third party without any additional Cost.
Above all our goods are as per ISO 9002 which itself signifies the quality of our product as per international standards as we are also interested in exporting our products to nearby countries of India.
Our clients include various government water supplying agencies of different states of India naming Rajasthan, Haryana, U.P., Punjab, and various other government agencies Such as JDA (Jaipur Development Authority ), Government of Rajasthan Public and Health Engineering Department ,RIICO etc.